31 Years On

May 24th, 2011 | Sources: Commentary


Happy Anniversary Lori!

Remember the sunset at Mont Saint-Michel? How about the hail storm at Lake Solitude, the drive through Stonehenge with Gigi, the squalls over Cornwall and the July 4 snowstorm on the Grimsel Pass?

Sure I believe you got 28 inches of snow on April Fool’s Day.”

Eze. St. Paul de Vence. Portofino. The ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar.

Come. You shall return,” to Angiers, Chinon, Chambord, Chenonceau, Usse and more. Etivaz. Grindelwald. Santorini. Paleokastritsa. Pylos. San Gimignano. Bellagio. Ravello. Amalfi. The Ryoan-ji Temple. The Moss Temple. The Bucaco Forest.

 “Look buddy. It says ‘Diesel’ on the gas cap!”

MOMA. The Tate Modern. La Galarie Maeght. L’Orangerie. Le Jeu de Paume. Le Centre Pompidou. The Picasso Museum. The Rodin Museum.

The Monterey Jazz Festival. The Newport Jazz Festival. The Montreaux Jazz Festival. The Stones at the Superdome. Wynton Marsalis in Bar Harbor.

Shelby Scott, Jack and Liz. Mike Wankum, Jeff and Karen. Tim Caputo! Mad Men. Masterpiece Theater (not). Vacation. There’s Something About Mary. Austin Powers. Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

Two kids in diapers…twice! Our best sitter was an alcoholic. The terrorization of Lana. “Let’s buy a car for a sitter we don’t even know!”

The Park Entrance Oceanfront Motel, room A-5. Enya. 2-day old Corey visits JP Licks on the way home from the hospital. Soccer practice, soccer games. Softball practice, softball games. Swim practice, swim meets. Homework, homework, homework. “Who’s doggin’ it?”

A tree falls on the Foster’s driveway. Butterfly World. The batting cage. New Year’s at Grammy’s. Yankee gear in Fenway Park. The rear window on the Navigator, circa 2007.

The Cinnamon Club. Jean Bardet. Le Chevre d’Or. Johnny’s. Cabot’s. Guppy’s. The Carriage House. The Ferry House. Crepes at Les Baux. Picnics on the Loire. “Party of one?” at Marshall Majors.

The search for Paris’ best strawberry tart. The search for Prunotto vineyards.

From the Louvre to L’Arc du Triumphe via Jardin des Tuileries. Fiery Furnace. Delicate Arch. The Narrows. The Beehive (when Corey was 4 years old). Precipice.

Front row seats at women’s volleyball. Michael Johnson races for gold. US men’s hoops.

The Bagel. Houlihan’s. Cantina Abruzzi. Friendly’s. The Chinese place that fried hamburgers. Capuccino’s. Colorado Public Library. Armani Café. Putterham Deli. Miguel’s. Androuette’s.

I forgot my cummerbund. I spilled red wine on your gown at a Joslin gala. I rear-ended somebody on the Champs Elysees. I locked the brisket in the oven, and then I pressed ‘clean’. I ordered a ‘whore du vere‘ on our first date.

We got mooned on the way to our own wedding. We couldn’t punt in Cambridge. We actually ate at Brasserie Lippe. We flushed dinner down a toilet at a ryokan in Kyoto. We were attacked by no see-ums on Sanibel Island, black flies on Mt. Katahdin and wild turkeys on Hartman Road. We went to Crete, but it was closed. The sliding door fell off our minivan. Our basement bathroom flooded. Three times.

To the next 31 years!



  1. joan justice | 24/05/11

    This is beautiful, Glenn. Obviously I did not publish it on HWC, but it is a beautiful ode and Lori is a lucky woman!

  2. Dana | 24/05/11

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Alrighty then.

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