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Happy Birthday Corey!

November 12th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Source: Commentary

(8am, EST)-Twenty-three years ago right now, it was snowing like crazy in Boston. There were 8 inches of the heavy, wet variety on the ground with no signs of a let-up, and that’s when my wife Lori decided to go into labor—2 weeks early—with our third child. Lori’s second labor was super-quick, so chances were this one would be, too!

Our plan was to have Joan, a long-time family friend, drive to our home and watch our 2 kids, Brett (age 3 at the time) and Nikki (not quite 2) when Lori went into labor.

I had to shovel our driveway before we could leave for the hospital, because it went straight downhill onto a heavily trafficked road. I’d be risking an accident if I tried to drive over that snow.

Where were my gloves? Where was the frickin’ snow shovel for chrissakes!

For her part, Joan thought she could plow her ancient, gigantic Oldsmobile 88–featuring no-wheel drive and bald tires–through the snow on her driveway. A maze of fishtailing skid marks and exhaust-blackened snowdrifts described how that went, but she did make it to our home and we did make it to the hospital…less than 2 hours before Corey Shaw Laffel was born.

The 12-inch snowfall on November 12, 1987 remains to this day the earliest, largest snowfall in Boston-area history, and that’s the day our third child came into this world.

But you know what? That day was the most difficult time we ever had with Corey. She has been a joy ever since. She has grown to become a beautiful and accomplished daughter, sister and friend. We’re proud of her, and we love her!

Happy Birthday Corey!



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