Docs Push Back Against Performance Reports

August 24th, 2010 | Sources: Wall Street Journal

Private health insurance companies have long since required patients to pay higher out-of-pocket fees when they see physicians who are not in the insurers’ contracted physicians network. In a more recent development, they have begun to rank physicians according to quality and cost parameters and offer enrollees lower out-of-pocket charges if they see physicians who fare better on these parameters.

In such programs for example, a doctor shown to order fewer imaging tests that are of questionable value would rank in a higher category.

Physicians have always objected to these practices. A March article in the New England Journal of Medicine brought the issue to a boil by showing that these tiered rating systems misclassified 22% of all doctors.

The study prompted provider organizations to release a letter protesting the payer’s practices. “Physicians’ reputations are being unfairly tarnished using unscientific methodologies and calculations,” the letter claimed.

“There are serious flaws in health insurers’ programs to try to rate individual physicians,” AMA President Cecil Wilson added in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

The provider organizations implored payers to reevaluate their ranking programs.

Payers’ reactions to the letter were lukewarm. For example, Cigna told the Journal that its doctor-rating program already addressed issues raised in the study by focusing on physician groups rather than individuals. Besides that, “Some physicians do provide higher-quality or more-efficient care, and it makes sense to provide modest incentives for choosing that care,” said Dick Salmon, the company’s VP for network quality.

A spokesperson for WellPoint responded it has “taken a thorough, thoughtful approach in introducing measures of physician quality and cost effectiveness” and that the effort is “collaborative with the physician community.”


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