Billing Costs a Fortune

June 19th, 2009 | Sources: Healthcareitnews

Everyone knew the US’ Rube Goldberg healthcare system was plagued by high costs for billing- and insurance- related activities, but few would have believed it was this bad.

todaysbillsA recently concluded 3-year study of the matter has revealed that administrative (non-physician) costs associated with these 2 activities add up to $51,221 per FTE physician per year.

That’s not including the astonishing $34,052 per year per FTE physician to account for the physician’s own time spent on billing and insurance.

Summing the 2 brings the annual spend on these activities to $85,273 per FTE physician, or 10% of the total operating revenue for an average practice.

Approximately 0.67 FTE non-clinical personnel per FTE physician is allocated to billing and insurance, according to the study.

To reach their conclusions, Julie Sakowski and colleagues at the Sutter Health Institute interviewed business office personnel, observed office work flows, conducted budget and expense reviews and implemented a survey to assess clinician time spent on billing and insurance.

The study was funded by the Commonwealth Fund and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

In a separate study just released by the Medical Group Management Association, investigators found that physicians spend about 43 minutes per workday interacting with insurance plans.

MGMA estimated that system-wide, overall staff time spent on insurance matters alone equaled $21-$31 billion per year, or $68,000 per physician per year, a number that can be reconciled with results from the above-mentioned Commonwealth Fund study.

“Minimizing billing and insurance-related activities is not the only goal of (health system) reform, (but) standardizing health plan features and processing requirements presents a tremendous opportunity for improving efficiency in a multi-payer health care system,” Sakowski told HealthCareITnews.


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