Lefty Presidents

April 20th, 2009 | Sources: Washington Post


Scouting video on the Big O confirms he doesn’t just lean left politically.

Interestingly though, 5 of the last 7 presidents have been left-handed including Ford, Reagan, Bush the semi-reasonable, Clinton and Obama. Only Carter and Bush II went right.

That seems odd given that only 10% of humans are lefties, but it’s probably just a statistical fluke.

Even if it wasn’t, no one knows whether or how left-handedness impacts factors that drive electoral success like political skill, smarts, charisma, appearance, insider connections, and wealth. 

And before lefties start popping their collars, they’d be well to remember they’re at increased risk of accidental death not to mention a possibly increased risk for some psychiatric diseases. 

It’s not clear why some people become left-handed, although genes are clearly involved. About one-quarter of the sons of left-handed parents are left-handed, whereas only 10% of boys who have right-handed parents end up as southpaws.

But genes aren’t the whole story since 20% of identical twins have different handedness.

Non genetic effects on handedness can be demonstrated in chickens, in whom brain lateralization is driven by light penetrating the shell during incubation.

In most chick embryos, the right eye is exposed to light. These chickens end up being more adept at identifying food and prey with their right eye, and are better able to detect predators and potential mates with their left eye.

If the eggs are incubated in darkness however, the resulting adults don’t lateralize this way.


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