Obama to Pitch Just for Men?

March 27th, 2009 | Sources: NY Times


The economy’s doing its Titanic impression, nobody wants to play with Tiny Tim, and now his NCAA hoops bracket is shot to smithereens.

Is it any wonder the Big O’s going gray?

The Coronated One takes after his 2 predecessors when it comes to rapid acquisition of the Salt ‘n Pepa look.

Clinton went from  Mongrel Half-Brown to Silver in 2 years. George W. Bush morphed from Heavily Flecked, Blended Black-Brown to Neutral Gray almost overnight.

“I started noticing it toward the end of the campaign and leading up to inauguration,” Deborah Willis told the New York Times.

The co-author of “Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs,” Willis examined 5,000 Big O jpegs last year alone.

Obama’s gray-outs wax and wane with his haircuts, which happen every other week. His barber, who goes by Zariff and that’s it, is on record denying the flip-flops are caused by the Big O dyeing his hair.

“His hair is 100 percent natural,” Zariff thundered to the New York Times. “He wouldn’t get it colored.”

Obama claims his staff hasn’t been ribbing him about the unfortunate turn of events, but surely Rahm Emanuel wouldn’t miss an opportunity slip in a shiv here and there.

Meanwhile, noted authorities are eager to weigh in on the matter. For Walt Frazier, who knew a thing or two about cool back in the day, it was a no-brainer. Obama should dye his hair.

It’s “no play for Mr. Gray,” Clyde warned.


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