Vast Solution in Ruse to Build IEDs

January 30th, 2009 | Sources: Washington Post


Improvised Explosive Devices cause most US troop casualties in Iraq and kill or maim thousands of civilians every year in that country and Afghanistan.

Once in awhile, US troops recover an unexploded IED and have look inside. To their dismay, they often find circuit boards, GPS devices and timers produced by US companies. 

Iran it turns out, has become adept at acquiring US-made materials that can be used to make IEDs, assembling them and transferring them to a bunch of nut cases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The schemes are so elaborate, even the most scrupulous companies can be deceived,” David Albright told the Washington Post. Albright is president of the Institute for Science and International Security and recently co-authored a report on the matter.

And despite one celebrated US government success in interrupting this deadly flow, Iran is still in business.

In 2004, Iranians operating out of 4 Dubai-based front companies including one with the innocuous moniker Mayrow General Trading began scheming to acquire bomb circuitry, according to Justice Department documents.

The companies all used the same managers and business addresses, yet their requisitions appeared legitimate and to be associated with benign projects. The network secured parts from US firms in several states.

In 2006, the Bush administration busted the operation. The Commerce Department subsequently restricted Mayrow’s ability to trade with US companies. Dubai officials helped uncover the operation and have collaborated with US officials ever since.

But months after the bust, the network reconstituted itself in Malaysia under the name Vast Solution. It was a simple matter of changing a few shipping routes and company names. The new enterprise was headed by an Iranian using the name Majid Seif.


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