CVS Sales Practice Set to Expire

December 18th, 2008 | Sources:, Providence Journal


New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has filed a lawsuit against CVS Caremark after an investigation revealed it had since 2006 been selling expired products at 60% of its outlets in the state, according to the Providence Journal.

On the same day, the state announced it had settled similar claims against Rite Aid Corporation for approximately $1.3 million.

The suit will attempt to force Rhode Island-based CVS to pay a $500 fine for each violation, post signs that inform consumers about health risks of expired products, offer refunds for such products and pay a  quality assurance monitor to review the situation monthly.

Earlier this year, California and Pennsylvania lodged similar complaints against CVS, according to the suit.

In 2003, CVS dodged a similar charge by agreeing to cease and desist after an investigation in New York revealed it was selling expired OTC medications.

The “widespread nature of these violations indicates that CVS has not taken seriously its legal obligations or its responsibilities to its consumers vis-à-vis the sale of expired products,” according to the lawsuit.

Michael DeAngelis, a CVS spokesperson expressed disappointment that Cuomo had filed the suit. He indicated CVS had begun working with the AG’s office on the matter.

“We have a specific product-removal policy,” DeAngelis mentioned in an email to the Journal. “Over the last several months we retrained our employees to ensure compliance.”

CVS is the second largest drugstore chain in the US after Walgreen’s and ahead of Rite Aid.


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