Health Reform Starting to Quack

November 21st, 2008 | Sources: NY Times, Wall Street Journal


Shhhh! If you speak about it you’ll jinx it, but it’s all good right now because something might get done in health care.

On Wednesday, two main trade associations representing America’s health insurers indicated they were ready to cut a deal with the Big O: we’ll cover everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions if you require that everybody gets coverage.

That’s the biggest trade since A-Rod to the Yankees for Soriano and a player to be named.

In 93-94 when Hil tried to get this done, the mere suggestion that such hurdles could be overcome would have drawn guffaws.

And there are other reasons to be optimistic.

Tom Daschle knows his way around the yard.

The private sector wants out from employee health care costs which oh by the way, foreign competitors never had to pay.

Big Pharma has even nodded assent. A little. We think. Maybe. 

Yep! That was Montel Williams on TV this week saying, “Early diagnosis and preventative treatment can save lives and lower health-care costs…that’s why everyone should have affordable health insurance.”

Way to go Montel!

So who’s left, doctors? They could kvetch about reimbursement, working conditions and whatever but if they play their cards right they get tort reform out of this and besides, doctors have been emasculated for so long, this one isn’t even going to hurt.

It’s hard to imagine physicians, who are fed up like no other with their career choice, wouldn’t go for the ride just on the chance things could get better.


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