Cleveland Clinic Pilots HealthVault

November 19th, 2008 | Sources: Forbes, Healthcareitnews

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The Cleveland Clinic is test driving HealthVault, Microsoft’s Web-based personal health record.

Officials representing the prestigious health care provider indicated that the pilot began November 3. It’s the first one to track multiple diseases using multiple home-based medical devices.

The pilot will enroll 400 patient volunteers that have various combinations of diabetes, hypertension and heart failure. The multitasking volunteers will utilize HealthVault-enabled heart rate and blood pressure monitors, glucometers, weight scales and maybe even their kitchen sinks to monitor daily fluctuations in their health status (no word yet on which kitchen sinks are HealthVault-enabled, by the way).

Using their computers, volunteers will upload all that data into their HealthVault record and share it in secure fashion with their physicians at the Clinic.

The Cleveland Clinic already offers patients a home-grown personal health record known as MyChart. It claims that 150,000 patients use MyChart. Comparisons of the two systems are not available, nor were statements regarding the marginal value of HealthVault in MyChart users, the two systems’ interoperability, pilot costs etc.

It also remained unclear how the pilot would be evaluated and by whom. Financial terms and strategic objectives of the Microsoft-Cleveland Clinic hook-up were not disclosed.

“These kinds of innovative solutions have the potential to help physicians and patients save time, improve accuracy of health information and communicate more effectively,” said Christopher Hebert, MD, of the Clinic’s Nephrology and Hypertension Department.

“We expect to demonstrate that innovative, cost-effective technology solutions can empower patients to partner more effectively with their physicians and better manage their chronic conditions from where they live and play – in the home,” said Peter Neupert, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group.


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