Today’s The Day For IHI

October 27th, 2008 | Sources: IHI

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s long awaited National Network Day is today. The event will feature dozens of collaborative learning opportunities and will offer participants a chance to celebrate progress towards some laudable goals.

IHI describes the event as an interactive series of web-based virtual learning sessions that will highlight some of the best and most innovative quality improvement and patient safety work in extant. National leaders will share successful strategies to reduce patient falls, hospital infections, complications due to anticoagulant therapy and readmissions. There will also be sessions aimed at refining the business case for quality.

National Network Day runs from 11:30AM to 5:30PM EST. Pre-registration is not required. Interested parties can access the event through WebEx (found here).

The event is one of many initiatives spawned by the IHI’s 5 Million Lives Campaign, whose aim is to support the improvement of medical care in the US and in particular to reduce morbidity and mortality in US hospitals.

As part of the Campaign, the IHI challenged hospitals to prevent 5 million incidents of medical harm over a 2-year period. The IHI estimates there are 15 million such incidents each year.
The 5 Million Lives Campaign is an expansion of an earlier initiative, the 100,000 lives campaign. In that effort, the IHI and partner organizations worked with 3,100 facilities and saved, according to IHI, “an estimated 122,000 lives in 18 months.” 

It should be a great event. Good luck to the speakers!


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