ACORN’s Boneheads Casting a Pall

October 20th, 2008 | Sources: Economist

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The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has signed up 1.3 million new voters this year in areas likely to vote Democratic.

Registered Democrat

Registered Democrat

ACORN’s registrants include Mickey Mouse, the entire starting line-up of the Dallas Cowboys (who signed-up in Nevada no less), a 7-year old girl in Connecticut, Jimmy Johns (which is actually the name of a sandwich shop in Indiana), and one Ohio man who admitted signing 70 forms in exchange for cigarettes and cash.

Including these, ACORN has turned in at least ten thousand applications that are fakes. And since the Big O once ran training sessions for ACORN and his campaign has links to it, Republicans are crying foul. They have registered legal complaints in several states.

It’s a good issue for Republicans. ACORN should not permit local officials to reward workers for exceeding their quotas. And probably a handful of ACORN workers took liberties on their own, but that’s where the story ends. Seriously, does anyone think we’ve stumbled upon a conspiracy to steal the election?

There is no evidence for systematic voter registration fraud at ACORN and even if there was, that’s still not voter fraud, which would require that thousands of impersonators vote on November 4.

Still, the Big O should get in front of the mess. Denounce the mismanaging few and sound a trumpet for fair elections! Right now the Big O wins a fair election, and let’s not forget what happened last time a swing state got settled in court.


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