Financial Woes Stress Women More

October 10th, 2008 | Sources: Am. Psychological Assoc.

The moribund  economy exacts an emotional toll on many Americans, but according to the 2008 Stress in America survey released by the American Psychological Association (APA) this week, women and young adults are particularly hard hit.

More women than men report being stressed by housing costs (66% vs. 58%), the economy (84% vs. 75%) and economy-related health problems (70% vs. 63%).

The phenomenon is pronounced among older women, where the number reporting stress caused by the economy and health problems is 92% and 87% respectively.

Generation Xers (aged 30-43) and Millennials (aged 18-29) are stressing, too. Women Gen Xers report the highest levels of stress about money (89%), while Millennials worry more than any other group about housing costs (75%).

Women are also more likely to report unhealthy responses to stress such as eating poorly (56% vs. 40% for men) and shopping (25% vs. 11%).

The APA’s Katherine Nordal, PhD offered this advice: “Refrain from getting caught up in doom-and-gloom hype…reach out to family, friends and trusted advisors…receiving support from others is effective in managing stress. If you feel overwhelmed…consider seeking professional help.”

People can obtain more information about managing stress at the APA help center.


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