Palin Dissed Regular Folks

September 4th, 2008 | Sources: Ezra Klein

Yes Sara Palin was brilliant last night. But the content of her speech contained some nasty insinuations and code words that, although they may have sailed over Palin’s head, will not be missed by the very folks she was charged to seduce.

Specifically, Palin derided the Big O’s experience as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago. In that role, Obama worked with people who had been left behind when steel plants closed or who had otherwise lost work.

As David Plouffe points out, community organizing is how regular folks respond to out-of-touch politicians and their failed policies.

Plouffe reminds us that for decades, ordinary people have forged their own versions of the American dream by driving change from the bottom up. Community organizing is what drove the women’s sufferage movement, labor rights and the civil rights movement for example. It’s going on today in churches, veteran’s clubs and many other venues. Do the Republicans understand this?

Sadly, Palin’s gaffe comes as no surprise. Her speech was after all, written by a speechwriter for George W Bush.


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