Palin Aces First Test

September 4th, 2008 | Sources: Commentary

Controversial VP pick Sarah Palin didn’t just lance a festering boil of Republican angst last night. She dazzled. She was poised, self-assured, in command and not only that, she was accessible and likable.

She proved to be pretty adept with a shiv, too¬† (“I have actual responsibilities”).

To be sure, hers was an easy test-she read a speech (more about that shortly) before a crowd that desperately wanted her to succeed. Going forward, we’re likely to see her in similarly controlled situations as she takes time to brush up on her world maps and McCain’s changing policy positions.

Tougher tests will come when she faces the media or her opponents. There is also the risk that a story or two about her Alaska shenanigans will grow legs.

Still, Sarah Palin did save the game for McCain and his party, at least for one night. That was impressive! Congratulations to her.


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