Regarding Sarah

September 3rd, 2008 | Sources: NY Times

In parrying with the media about his controversial VP pick, John McCain repeatedly claims that his vetting process was thorough. What does this tell us about McCain’s judgment? If his sole intent was to shake up the race for President, then the man is a genius.

The mommy blogs for example, have gone nuclear over the pick. It’s about time we let a breast-feeding mother decide whether to send troops into harm’s way! They appreciate what it means to lose a child.

Meanwhile, the media keeps digging up stuff on the mystery woman. She once got a speeding ticket! She might be a secessionist! She played hoops back in the day and had a nickname on the court, Sarah Barracuda!

When Palin tries to lock him down on defense, will the Big O still be able to hoist that Sweet Lefty J?

With the Sarah Palin tempest threatening to spin up to a Cat 5 at any moment, it is remarkable that Palin herself has gone underground. It’s been 48 hours since we last heard from her. Sarah Barracuda needs to step onto the court and start playing the game.


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