Fast Facts: Google’s New Browser

September 3rd, 2008 | Sources: NY Times, Wall Street Journal


  1. Google just released a new web browser called Chrome.
  2. Chrome has a minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of Google’s search site.
  3. Chrome facilitates the use of applications that run inside browsers. This way, people don’t have to rely on software that has been built into personal computers.
  4. Currently, three browsers comprise 98% of the market: Internet Explorer (73%), Firefox (19%) and Safari (6%).
  5. Google published a delightful comic book to explain its browser strategy and to describe some key features of Chrome.

NY Times tech writer David Pogue sees serious potential for Chrome.
WSJ tech writer Walt Mossberg sees a smart, innovative product that is not quite ready for prime time.
Venture capitalist Fred Wilson likes Google’s strategy.
TechCrunch finds that some Google aps don’t play nicely on Chrome.
Valleywag  and Gizmodo raise issues relating to Chrome’s license agreement.


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