The Mouse that Didn’t Roar

September 2nd, 2008 | Sources: NY Times, Washington Post


Much to the dismay of 100,000 people who demonstrated in Tbilisi yesterday for a strong response from the West, the EU’s four hour crisis meeting yielded no more than a wag of the finger toward Russia in response to its cake walk through Georgia last month.

Specifically, the EU warned Russia that if it doesn’t start honoring the cease fire agreement it recently signed with Georgia, the EU will cancel meetings that had been set aside to negotiate an economic partnership with Russia.

Big Vlad

Big Vlad

Talk about a mountain giving birth to a mouse! For his part, Vlad “The Impaler” Putin shuttled to Uzbekistan yesterday to announce he had signed a deal that will increase Russia’s control over Central Asian energy exports to Europe. Russia already supplies the EU with 40% of its natural gas and a third of its oil.

The US candidates for president need to stop firing spitballs at each other over who got things right on the day Russian tanks rolled into Georgia. Then, they need to start explaining how they’re going to deal with the long term challenges that this resurgent, ornery country presents.


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