The Show Must (Probably Not) Go On

August 31st, 2008 | Sources: Wall Street Journal


Landfall for Gustav is around noon tomorrow-a folly of timing for the Republicans, since they planned to kick-off their nominating shindig just then. Should the Party of Privilege run through its convention as planned, or should it cancel festivities until the storm blows over?

Republicans cannot afford to be seen yet again as being out of touch with people, certainly not during a moment of great need. Already Bush and Cheney have opted out of Day 1 festivities. That was an easy call, but decisions get tougher after that. 

The Bush administration failed spectacularly to handle Hurricane Katrina. Bush showed neither empathy nor leadership after Katrina. Many felt he never did comprehend the socioeconomic and cultural consequences of that disaster. 

The Republicans want Gustav to blow over as quickly as possible so people don’t dwell on the Katrina fiasco. That’s a tough one to forget though, guys.


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